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Does your home or place of business have hurricane damages? Let our Homeland adjusters help with your claim. Call today for a FREE insurance claim evaluation.

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Talk With One Of Our Public Adjusters In Miami Now & Get The Settlement You Are Owed

When Residential and Commercial damages happen, you need someone that advocates for your interests. The process of filing an insurance claim is a crucial part of the process. Our South Florida Public Adjusters will be by your side from the very beginning. You would not want to go to court without an attorney.

The other side will have an attorney that will fight for their clients’ interest & you deserve the same. If/When the insurance company accepts to inspect your claim, they hire a professional claims adjuster that works for them. When you hire Homeland we advocate and work for you. We have recovered millions of dollars in property damages & we are always ready to recover for you.

Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

Nonpartisan reviews have demonstrated that insurance claimants who have hired local public adjusters to represent them and their interest increased their settlements amounts by 500% – 700% OPPAGA Report (No. 10-06)

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