What Our Public Adjusters Can Do For You

Looking for public adjusters in Miami-Dade, Broward and surrounding South Florida counties who are experts in claim adjusting services? our licensed public adjusters will work with you and the insurance company from the opening or re-opening of the claim process until until a fair resolution that helps you recover you loss damages is reached and settled upon.

Our experiences public claims adjusters will scope and document your commercial or residential claim damages in a comprehensive and fine detailed report that consist of all the paperwork, photographs, and statements needed to present your claim to the insurance carrier for the best possible settlement review. if necessary, our independent insurance adjusters may hire any experts such as contractors, engineers, and home appraisers needed to properly adjust and prepare your claim. you will never have to pay any public adjuster fees unless you win the settlement.


Helping policy holders with their direct property damages claims


Assisting Law Firms with estimating and any other on field adjusting service


Appraise losses on behalf of Policy Holders directly or on behalf of their legal counsel or public adjusting firm

Review Your Policy Coverages

Understanding your policy coverage and limits is the first step in the claims process. We will perform a comprehensive review of your insurance policy in detail to understand your covered perils and coverage limits and all the distinct types of hazard indemnity afforded in the policy contract. With this understanding we can begin to put together a preliminary examination and/or a rough estimate of your case and the value of your potential claim for damages

Estimation & Reporting Claim Damages

Our experience public insurance adjusters estimate your damages by taking detailed measurements of your property building, making notations of all damages including all affected contingent areas and taking detailed photographs and/or videos of the damages as early as possible. We then make a detailed estimate report to accompany all the above documentation with the leading industry computer estimating program used by most professional insurance adjusters.

Claims Adjusting & Negotiating

Communicating and negotiating with your insurance carrier in good faith is the most critical part of the whole claims process. In adjusting we bring attention to not just your right and coverages afforded in your policy agreement, but we also discuss things like additional or future prevention and/or the deterioration of the property by needs of mitigating services if needed or required. We also address municipal permitting and law and ordinance allowance for reconstruction building codes.

Settlement / Recovery Of Your Claim

Our public adjusters will lead a plan for the maximum amount of recovery for the indemnity of your covered loss and any other contingencies like additional living expenses. Some of these expenses may include the temporary renting or leasing of a residence or place of business, food and/or necessary personal or business items or services, etc. We will have all the tools and validation to be as tenacious as possible in the pursuit of the most legitimate settlement that you could be entitled to.

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    We are members of FAPIA. This is a highly recognized professional insurance adjuster membership with about 400 members the USA